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Polyester Stretch Georgette/Chiffon Fabric

Various Polyester Georgette/Chiffon with golden foil print, embroidery 


Key Specifications/Special Features

Warp: 30D/50D / 68D / 75D /100D Polyester

Weft:  30D/50D/ 68D/ 75D /100D Polyester

Width: 59"/63"

Polyester Stretch Georgette/Chiffon Fabric

Various Polyester Georgette/Chiffon with golden foil print, embroidery 


Key Specifications/Special Features

Warp: 30D/50D / 68D / 75D /100D Polyester

Weft:  30D/50D/ 68D/ 75D /100D Polyester

Width: 59"/63" 

Our current spec in production:

Article  Description Specification Density(Yarn/inch) Width Weight Processing
No. Warp Weft Warp Weft (Inch) (G/M2)  
TSG10 POLY GEORGETTE 100D 100D 100D 102 76 58",60"    Grey, P/D, Print,   Other Finish
TSG75 POLY GEORGETTE 75D 75D 75D 155 85 58",60" 100  Grey, P/D, Print,   Other Finish
TSG15 POLY GEORGETTE 150D 150D 150D 94 71 58",60"    Grey, P/D, Print,   Other Finish
TCF75  POLYESTER  CHIFFON 75D 75D 118 86 59",60"    Grey, P/D, Print, Pleated, Crinkle
TCF75  POLYESTER  CHIFFON 75D 75D 96 84 59",60"    Grey, P/D, Print, Pleated, Crinkle
TCF68  POLYESTER  CHIFFON 68D 68D 141 71 59",60"    Grey, P/D, Print, Pleated, Crinkle
TCF100  POLYESTER  CHIFFON 100D 100D      100 83 59",60" 86  Grey, P/D, Print, Pleated, Crinkle
TCF15  POLYESTER  CHIFFON 150D 150D      100 83 59",60" 120  Grey, P/D, Print, Pleated, Crinkle
SCF100 POLYESTER STRETCH CHIFFON 100D 100D+ 40D       140 84 58" 90  Grey, P/D, Print, Pleated, Crinkle


Other Specifications not listed are available.

Gray, Azo-free plain dyed, Print, Creased, Embroidery, Golden Foil print.


Chiffon/Georgette fabric has the following characteristics:

Thin, transparent, soft, fitting, elegant, sexy. In addition, it has a good air permeability and drapability.

It's one of the ideal spring and summer fashion fabrics for the fashionable ladies.

In recent years, feminine trend swept the fashion industry once again. Soft chiffon dress is the  keyword  of the trend.


We can do the following treatment(process):

Processing Types:

Normal physical treatment after dyeing :

1) Printing

2) Bronzing

3) Embossed

4) Embroidered

5) Pleated or Crushed(Creased)

6) Punch

7) Bonded

8) stone washed etc


Functional after treatment:

1) Water proof

2) Down proof

3) Coating

4) Teflon

5) Anti-static

6) flame retardant

7) Anti-fungus

8) Anti-UV



Very reasonable price. We are a professional Fabric supplier. We’ve been producing over 20 years in textile. We weave greige ourselves so the price is competitive.



We have  weaving factory, we  control the quality form the material(Yarn), We also have professional Quality Control systems and professional worker teams . We can guarantee  the product quality is excellent that meets your requirement.

OEM/Custom design: we can produce various designs according to customer's samples and according to your requirements



As we have many items in grey stock, once the order is confirmed, we can dye and print it immediately, it will save production time, and ship it soon.