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Durable shape Polyester Memory Fabric

Durable shape memory performance 
Fabrics with shape retentivity function, finished with a special kind of polymer, can memorize the former shape and recover it immediately. They are mainly used for garments and fashion item.

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Durable shape Polyester Memory Fabric


Durable shape memory performance 
Fabrics with shape retentivity function, finished with a special kind of polymer, can memorize the former shape and recover it immediately. They are mainly used for garments and fashion item. 

1) Composition: PTT, polyester or nylon or cotton blend; 
2) Width: 110-280 cm; 
3) Weight: 50-320 g/sqm; 
4)Finish: Coating, UV cut, normal treatment can be made 
5) Character: Smooth and wrinkle resistant 
   -Beautifull appearance and confortable feel. 
   -Good crinkle effect and recovery capability. 
   -Fashion design and wash-and-wear.

6) Style: This fabric canbe made plian,  yardyed and so on. 
7) Useage: Garments, such as Jacket, trousers, suits, windcoat, Fashion, craft article, industrial cloth,  etc; 
8) Specification of part of our products: 
Width: 57/58" 




T30D*T75D / 246*152 
T50D*T50D / 218*110 
T75D*T75D / 236*126 
N75D*N75D / 225*138  



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