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100% Polyester Lining

Our Lining series:
Polyester lining, including  taffeta, Twill, Satin, pongee, Dewspo, Dobby, Jacquard lining, ripstop etc.
Nylon lining: Nylon taffeta, twill, ripstop, Dobby etc.
Polyester/Nylon(T/N) Lining: One or Two tone lining, twill & Dobby two tone, Crinkle lining etc. 
Polyester/Rayon(T/R) Lining: One or two tone lining, Twill, Dobby, Jacqaurd lining.
Polyester Cotton(T/C) Lining: Poplin, twill, herringbone

Polyester fabric

1. F17       100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   97x73     60",63",67"   P/D

2. F18       100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   102x78   60",63",67"   P/D

3. F1875   100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   102x78   60",63",67"   P/D

4. F185     100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   102x84   60",63",67"   P/D

5. F19       100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   102x88   60",63",67"   P/D

6. F1950   100% Polyester Taffeta   50Dx75D   102x88   60",63",67"   P/D

7. F1975   100% Polyester Taffeta   75Dx75D   108x82   60",63",67"   P/D

8. F21       100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx67D   120x90   60",63",67"   P/D

9. F2150   100% Polyester Taffeta   50Dx75D   120x91   60",63",67"   P/D

10. F23     100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   140x90   60",63",67"   P/D

11. F24     100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   154x86   60",63",67"   P/D

12. F25     100% Polyester Taffeta   68Dx68D   157x94   60",63",67"   P/D

13. F2950 100% Polyester Taffeta   50Dx50D   178x114 60",63",67"   P/D

14. 100%  Polyester Taffeta (PU COATING)

15. 100%  Polyester Taffeta (PA COATING)

16. 100%  Polyester Taffeta (PVC COATING)

17. 100%  Polyester Taffeta (SILVER COATING)

18. 100%  Polyester Taffeta (MILDY COATING)


Grey azo-free plain dyed, Print, antistatic,  Crinkled, W/R, W/P PA, PU, SILVER, MILKY, PVC, COATING, PTFE(oil resistant),laminated,bounded

Breathable, anti-moisture, anti-UV cut, flame-retardant


Minimum Order Quantity: 1000M/COLOR



We can do the following treatment(process):


Processing Types:


Normal physical treatment pafter dyeing :

1) Printing

2) Bronzing

3) Embossed

4) Embroidered

5) Pleated or Crushed(Creased)

6) Cire finish(Oil cire, Heavy cire)

7) Bonded

8) sand/crinkleed wash etc


Functional after treatment:

1) Water proof

2) Down proof

3) Coating

4) Oil resistant

5) Anti-static

6) flame retardant

7) Anti-fungus,

8) Anti-UV




Using Poly Filament yarn, making the fabric very soft and smooth hand feel, having high tenacity and strength Ironing available, shape unchanging, non-crinkle, No shrinkage after washing

Functional: comfortable, waterproof & windproof, flexibility.



Garment lining, Lining of Leisure & sports wear, tent, and outdoor series.


Out-door fabric: flag fabric, umbrella fabric, bag fabric(Sleeping bag), Kite, parachute fabric, tent fabric


 Functional fabric: breathable, FR, windproof, UV resistance, TPU bounding ,washing, wicking ,colorful coating


Suitable for the lining and out fabric of the high fashion, such as men's jacket,women's wear, winter jackets, garments, heavy windbreakers ,sportswears.

Suitable for the Raincoats,Umbrella, Tents and out door fabric


Packaging Details: The packing is standard export rolls packing, rolled on tubes. Packed with two layers of plastic bags ,about 100-200meters per roll ,or according to client's requirements.


Primary Competitive Advantages Price Quality Approvals Prompt Delivery Service

Payment Details: Payment Terms: L/C, T/T


Minimum Order:

MOQ: 3000M per shipment, 1000M per colour, 3000M per print design/pattern.

Less min.per shipment surcharged USD300. Less min. per colour(100M-900M) surcharged USD50-100.

Lead time for lab dips is about 5-7days. Delivery for bulk is about 15-20days for dyeing, 25days for print after lab dips approval.

Export Market: Europe North/Latin America Mid East Asia

Delivery Details: FOB Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, China


 polyester fabricpolyester fabrictaffeta 5taffeta 1BRIGHT PU COATED NYLON TAFFETA 100_Polyester_Taffeta_Fabric_Taffeta_190T



polyester lining fabric


Very reasonable price. We are a professional Fabric supplier. We are producing over 20 years in textile. We weave greige ourselves so the price is competitive.



We have weave factory, form the material we have good control .We also have professional Quality Control systems and professional worker teams . We can guarantee the product quality is excellent that meets your requirement.



As we have many items in grey stock, once the order is confirmed, we can dye and print it immediately, it will save producing time, and ship it soon.


polyester lining fabric


polyester lining fabric

polyester lining fabric